Strange Food and Drinks Time!!

怪异食物and Drinks.

One is bound to come across it at some point in your life if you love venturing outside of your home town.  Whenever I travel,我喜欢在我访问的每个国家采集当地的食品和饮料。

However,this usually means there are some oddball delicacies you won't find anywhere else – or want to try for that matter!!

Here is a list of some of these culinary oddities –52 Travel Tips for Weird Food and Drinks –that I've experienced,plus a couple of others I've come across.


The Strange and Weird Food/Drinks List

1。奇卡啤酒Bolivia.Chicla Beer is fermented from corn instead of barley,看起来像一种黄色浑浊的混合物。尝起来像含酒精的玉米糖浆。这是一种后天习得的味道。
2.Warthog Pie,纳米比亚。吃起来像瘦肉。

3.Horse Sausage,Kazakhstan.瘦肉咸。

5.Guinea Pig,秘鲁。There's not much meat on Guinea Pigs,你吃的东西通常是干的和咸的。用头,眼睛和牙齿朝向你。当你小时候养了一只宠物的时候,很难吃其中一只。
6.Haggis苏格兰。Basically,,offal encased by more offal.
7。Rakija,巴尔干地区。A spirit distilled from fermented plums,towards the rocket fuel end of the alcohol spectrum.  Guaranteed to send you into orbit.
8.牛排,瑞士。像牛一样,but leaner and tougher.Expensive at around $40 per kilogram.
9。芯片三明治,New Zealand.两片面包和番茄酱之间的薯片。碳水化合物过多。
11.Drinking Beer in La Paz,玻利维亚。La Paz is 亚博app官方下载about 4000 metres above sea level (about 12000 ft).  At this altitude,atmospheric pressure is considerably less than at sea level,so the carbonated bubbles in beer escape more rapidly.  This means beer foam literally pours out of the bottle as soon as the cap is removed.  Frustrating.
12.All You Can Eat Meat,Buenos Aires,阿根廷。桌子上放着一块红绿相间的木块。绿色意味着更多的肉,red means stop.  Waiters come around and literally chomp off large slabs of protein onto your plate until you've eaten so much meat,the meal sends you into a long hibernation.  A vegetarian's worst nightmare.
13.Small Size Drinks,United States.就像世界上其他地方的大型饮料。
14。Crocodile Sausages,Australia.像咸鸡一样,but quite tasty.
15.袋鼠和emu牛排,Australia.澳大利亚必须是唯一一个可以吃国徽的国家。事实上,they are both very good for you – kangaroo meat has high protein,and low fat (<1%).

16。Vegemite,Australia. A black,tacky,涂在吐司上的咸酵母提取物。
17.Beefy Bovril,England.Like Vegemite,but fermented from cows with the consistency of treacle.
18。Caparinha,Brazil.你想知道为什么巴西人聚会很难吗?Caparinhas are the reason why.  A spirit called Cachaca is distilled from sugar cane juice,served straight over ice with limes and sugar crystals to make the Caparinha.  It's happiness in a glass.
19。Baby Beef,阿根廷。具有讽刺意味的是,the only thing baby 亚博app官方下载about the beef is the age.  I've had one that was 700 grams and took me a week to digest.  I didn't bother with entree or salad.
20。Kopi Luwak咖啡,Indonesia.这种咖啡是由亚洲棕榈麝香猫(一种猫大小的哺乳动物)消化的咖啡豆制成的。the coffee beans are removed from the Civet faeces and processed!Apparently,the enzymes in the Civet's stomach remove some of the bitter coffee taste.  It's the most expensive coffee in the world,selling between $100 and $600 per pound!!
21.Flaming Chorizo,Portugal. Chorizo is a delicious sausageflavoured with paprika and other spices,and is usually smoked.  You can eat it as is,或者让它在烈火上燃起。吃东西前一定要熄灭烈火。
22.伏特加酒Kazakhstan.Vodka in itself is not that strange,but entering a supermarket with a dedicated vodka aisle containing different types from other regions and countries is.
23。Springbok Cocktail,South Africa.跳羚是一种含两种酒精的饮料,含有一层绿色薄荷味利口酒,与漱口水没有什么不同。overlain by a creamy layer of Amarula,a milky drink fermented from the native Marula fruit.  The dangers of drinking a Springbok lie not in the actual drink itself,but the drinking ritual.  It involves placing both hands behind the back,stomping the feet alternately,snorting through the nostrils,squealing,picking up the Springbok shot glass via front teeth,and sculling the drink without spilling a drop.
24.卡瓦Fiji.这是一个plant that is crushed and mixed with water,分组饮酒。效果包括轻度镇静,嘴巴发麻,and vivid dreams.  Usually drunk in a group.
25。Betel Nut,Papua New Guinea.槟榔和槟榔叶一起咀嚼,产生轻微的刺激作用。副作用包括红牙。
27.Durian,South East Asia.Asmelly fruit whose odour can often resemble rotten meat新加坡公共交通系统禁止使用这些标志(甚至没有榴莲标志!)
29.火腿脱骨,Portugal.Go to any supermarket or delicatessen,实际上,你可以看到腌制火腿被从猪腿上刮下来。there are rows of pigs legs there,depending on how you like it.
30.鱼头,菲律宾。Filipinos like fish-head stews and soups boiled up from fish heads.
31。Spam,菲律宾。 垃圾邮件(辣味火腿)是许多菲律宾人的主食,在菲律宾几乎所有的食品柜里都能找到。which specialises in Spam dishes.  The menu sounds like a Monty Python sketch (Spam with spaghetti,Spamburger,etc).

32。Borewors,South Africa. 这些肥美可口的香肠基本上是用肉和边角料填满的肠,用香草调味,在烤肉上烹制而成。关于蛀虫的奇怪之处在于它们的表现——像狗屎一样盘绕起来。值得额外的动脉涂层。亚博app官方下载
34.Witchety Grubs,Australia.Basically,以前只有土著人吃,亚博app官方下载but now a local delicacy.Eaten raw or cooked in hot ashes.
35.Fermented Horse Milk,Kazakhstan. Enough said.
36.Glacier Sorbet,Ecuador. Locals who live near the Chimborazo volcano trudge up to the summit regularly to cut off 50 kg blocks of glacier ice.  They bring up their donkeys to 5000 metres above sea level,and each donkey hauls 2 blocks each.  The locals then catch a bus to sell the ice blocks to a sorbet vendor in another town for only one (1) U.S.Dollar per block!冰糕供应商说这比购买工厂冰便宜,and the quality is better.
37.草,North Korea.Allegedly,在金正日掌权的国家,人们正在挨饿,that some have resorted to eating grass.
38.馅饼漂浮物Australia.A culinary delight of placing a meat pie upside down in a bowl of pea soup,topped with tomato sauce (ketchup).
39.Tree Honey,Tanzania.坦桑尼亚北部的Akei部落经常要远行寻找食物。他们的主食之一是蜂蜜。然而,they stick their hand directly into tree hollows to remove the honey and honeycomb,whilst their entire body is stung by hundreds of bees.  Funnily enough,most Akei are immune to bee stings.
40.Entire Crocodile,埃塞俄比亚。经过很长时间的干旱,some tribes have to resort to hunting crocodiles at night for food.  However,they do this with a canoe,a couple of flashlights,and two spears.  Sometimes they haul 5 metre monsters into their barely swamp-worthy canoes.  However,since no refrigerator exists,整个动物被煮熟,一次吃。
41.Battered Hot Dog,New Zealand.Usually bought from fish and chip shops.
43。Blood Sausage,England.Also called Black Pudding.  It's pig or cattle blood cooked with a filler that congeals when cooled.
44。Family Dinner,Italy.通常包括七道菜。你通常需要跑两周来燃烧卡路里。
45。Chimmichurri,阿根廷。 这基本上是欧芹比索,配上你刚点的大牛排。听起来很奇怪,but the combination of steak and chimmichurri is delicious.
46.Inca Cola,秘鲁。一种酸甜多病的软饮料,尝起来像没有气泡的奶油汽水。
47。Morcilla阿根廷。Argentine version of Black Pudding.  But roasted over wood fired flames.
48.Apple Strudel,纳米比亚。The town of Solitaire has a single digit population and is located in the middle of the desert.  But the local bakery produces superb apple strudel,前德国殖民者的宿醉。
49。Game Meat at Carnivore's Restaurant,Kenya.在马赛马拉国家公园观看比赛后,you can eat the list you've just ticked off at this famous restaurant in Nairobi.
50.Biltong,South Africa. Biltong is dried spiced beef,or sometimes,非洲野味肉,如kudu(类似于牛肉干)。虽然biltong看起来像斑点干棕色狗粪,the combination of meat and spices is addictive.
51.Sheep HeadMorocco.在它整天坐在苍蝇中间之后,bring it home and boil it up into a soup.  And finally…
52.航空公司的食品。We have to eat this stuff whenever we go abroad.  Is it really food??

Anyway,if you come across these怪异食物or Drinks,干杯!!

You can also check out other strange travel tipshere,as well as my52 Perfect Offbeat Travel Tips!!

Thanks to Alexa at52 Perfect Daysfor giving me the idea for this post.

Hope you enjoyed these 52 Travel Tips for Weird Food and Drinks!.


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Kelvin Lim · May 8,2009 at 8:36 pm

Great post!我可以和其中一些联系起来,and could even add more to your list of weird stuff!我也有一个旅游博客,亚博客户端下载it's called Fabulous Journeys.Hope you can check it out

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莱蒂齐亚·马蒂亚奇 · May 10,2009点:晚上8点47分

I agree 亚博app官方下载about the family dinner in Italy,当然,如果是婚礼,还有更多的课程!!

letizia mattiacci's last 亚博客户端下载blog post..arrosto riposato al timo 5月20日,2009 at 3:19 am

This was an interesting read this morning.Thanks for clearing up #16,Vegemite,Australia.现在我的脑子里有工作人员的声音……正如6所说,哈吉斯也不错。如果人们不知道是什么,他们可能会把盘子吃完!!


不。9 Chip sandwich is to die for.Remember they make us kiwis strong and this has truly contributed to our strong,passionate nation.Remember to add the Watties Tomato Sauce to get the true experience!!

特丽莎 · May 27,2009 at 12:39 am

多有趣的单子啊!如果主题不是”52"I'll bet you could have kept going and added another 52 or so…….if you ever do a follow-up list,be sure to include Rocky Mountain Oysters (Colorado) USA – definitely NOT a seafood,these"oysters"are actually bull testicles – prepared sliced,嫩化的,floured,and deep fried,then served with a sauce for dipping (like honey-mustard or bbq)…..

对于喜欢被蛇咬的英国人(42)remember that if you come to the US,a Snake Bite is very different here – it's a straight shot of Yukon Jack (whiskey) with a squirt of lime juice…….very tasty!!

Luxury Travel · July 8,2009 at 2:50 am

Good read!I believe lutefisk and hakarl ins't on your list but I think it was a good omission,we have to keep people safe,haha!Well the world won't run out of weird food stuff anytime soon huh?Good news to some,bad news to some,有一点是肯定的,it makes travel more interesting and exciting!!

Travel Trainers· August 17,2009年上午10:57

Bit late to the party.
Have you ever tried a pasta soup with a glass of red tipped in?.一天晚上,我在法国布里夫的一家餐馆里遇到过。一个当地人走过来,说我们做错了,把我的酒直接倒进了我的盘子里。它绝对是脏兮兮的。

I loved Pie Floaters from Harrys Cafe de Wheels in Sydney.
My wife ordered me brains in Italy instead of Venison.The 2 are really close when spelt in Italian

Kona Beans11月20日,2009点:凌晨2点54分

Hmmm not sure 亚博app官方下载about the coffee from cat poo … I think I stick to Hawaiian coffee here.

Amanda@Gold Coast Accomodation12月8日,2009 at 7:39 pm

Be sure to visit South East Asia for a veritable feast of weird and wonderful culinary delights.我记得每次我去泰国的一家酒吧时,他们都会坚持要我喝一些眼镜蛇血或猴脑混合米威士忌。如果你在亚洲吃到一点小点心,那就别无选择了。从各种炸蚂蚁中选择,locusts,cockroaches even bees.If you're still hungry and thirsty after that experience there is always the option of swallowing the still beating heart of a cobra washed down with shot of alcohol.

guy12月8日,2009 at 9:58 pm

嗯…frog leg porridge and turtle soup in singapore

Dog Food Home Cooked Recipes12月14日,2009 at 2:26 pm

好吃!Sort of..

I've eaten some funny stuff in my time,but it's nothing compared to this list!!


月亮狗· January 30,2010点在凌晨3点12分

I think 52 has got to be the best.Man i've had some really,真奇怪的飞机食物,大部分是可食用的,但从表面上看,你肯定不会这么想。Baron's Black Wattle Ale——我在Oz的时候尝试过,definitely has a bizzare taste,certainly not for me.
.-= Moonbadger´s last 亚博客户端下载blog ..The Land of Oz =-.

迁移马克 · February 25,2010点:下午6点35分

There are some wonderful foods on this collected list.Having many relatives in Hawaii,I grew up and really love Spam and especially the Spicy Tabasco Spam.我也去过内罗毕的嘉年华会很多次,并且已经吃到了我烤肉的极限。There are still some things on this list that I would love to eat!!

    安东尼 · February 26,2010点在上午8点17分

    Excellent Mark!Food's one of the coolest things 亚博app官方下载about travel,and weird food is just one of those!!

南美动物· March 1,2010在下午4:46

Hahah ..US small drinks 😉

你在厄瓜多尔试过吗?Its not bad

乔·阿尔梅达 4月21日,2010 at 11:10 am

Two corrections:

18。The drink is called caipirinha,不是卡帕林哈,like caipira (a kind of brazillian redneck).

21.Chorizo is the spanish name,and confusing Portugal with Spain is a big traveller no-no in Portugal.The portuguese name for that kind of sausage is Chouriço.

Claire Richardson 5月26日,2010 at 7:04 pm


科纳·科菲· June 5,2010 at 8:59 am

真的!我喜欢尝试新食物,but I don't think I would be brave enough to sample blood or a sheep's head.也许是袋鼠,我一直对灵猫咖啡很好奇……亚博app官方下载

利亚姆价格· July 5,2010 at 3:04 am


Phil Bailey· July 6,2010年12:33 AM

我可以建议把哈吉斯列入名单吗?A Haggis is a small round creature with one leg shorter than the other.In its native environment,on top of mountains,you would not notice the differing leg length,但在水平面上,它们的跛行非常明显。By continually running around the tops of mountains their ‘inside' has reduced in size to enable the small fat round (and tasty) creature to remain standing up straight.

我建议到苏格兰来的人吃这些美味佳肴。They are a fully sustainable food source and will also put hair on your chest (or so my mum says).

Cheers Phil 😉

    安东尼 · July 6,2010年上午10:02

    Ha ha… I've only seen haggis being prepared on TV.我看到配料准备好后,差点在屏幕上呕吐。Urrrgghh!!

Phil Bailey· July 6,2010 at 6:10 am


    安东尼 · July 6,2010年上午10:02

    No,I laughed!我在想我会想出这样的描述!!

      Phil Bailey· July 6,2010 at 2:46 pm

      Haggis is surprisingly tasty,尤其是小潮,Tatties and a pint of heavy!!

      A little more laughter is what this world needs Anthony … Good on you.

      all the best 😉

Interesting facts · July 6,2010 at 11:01 pm

Persians first began using colored eggs to celebrate spring in 3000 BC.Thirteenth century Macedonians were the first Christians to use colored eggs in Easter celebrations.Crusaders returning from the Middle East spread the custom of coloring eggs,欧洲人开始用它们来庆祝复活节和其他温暖的节日。

Rambo Movies 8月31日,2010 at 5:44 pm

I'm a big fan of trying the local cuisine too.不过,鸡爪的确考验了我在中国的决心。

Jane @ Cheap dog clothes9月7日,2010 at 1:15 pm

I'd like to taste a Spamburger,大声笑。谢谢你的文章。🙂

乔班· September 30,2010 at 12:04 am

I love this list!Did you try the liquor in China that had a snake and a scorpion in the bottle (supposedly the two venoms cancel each other out).I was too chicken.

劳拉狮子· October 28,2010在凌晨3点24分

great list.But some of those foods I will never taste.They seem little to fishy to me 😛

Infant Snowsuit· October 28,2010点在上午5点54分

整个鳄鱼。这很激烈。冷静,Ethiopa…there must be other options :P.

China Deals | Stan11月8日,2010 at 7:35 pm

Hey!Some of the above are real food!P-白云石,my favorite.马香肠也很好吃。垃圾邮件在旅行时也很好。Tree Honey,yummy!伟大的名单,thanks for sharing.

Plaza Hotel · February 5,2011 at 1:29 am

So,you said that Kangaroo is good for you.I want to know how it tastes.I'm very impressed you've been brave enough to try all of these,by the way.

Bronwyn Lawlor· January 28,2012年12:09 AM

I would love to find out what the pre-downing ritual is for a"尖叫高潮”or perhaps the ever popular"Sex On The Beach!“.🙂

Huw · January 28,2012 at 2:23 am

Like the sound of #12 the meat feast in Argentina.

Surprised there's no lava bread on the list.威尔士产的一种美味佳肴,由海草制成,通常与咸培根和鸡耳一起作为早餐食用。

高地牧场的房子· March 23,2012在凌晨2点19分

Some of these are totally horrid sounding haha.Still interesting though.I like the Airline food one.Made me chuckle

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